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	xchat-speech	speaks out messages from irc


	xchat-speech  is  a  perl script  for X-Chat (
	which pipes messages  and  actions  from other people to the
	script /usr/bin/say. This script could be retrieved from the
	document   German Text to Speech  with mbrola.    It  is  an
	english instruction  to install MBROLA speech synthesis  and
	voices.   It cares about german voice sets,  but this  could
	transposed to other languages with ease.
	A speech source is either a channel  or a person sending you
	messages in a query or with /msg.

	The  script  is  also   featured  with  a  substitution-file
	(speech.subst)   to  translate  some  irc-like  acronyms  to
	speakable words.

	It has also some built-in configuration command sets:

		Displays speech-sources with their flags and the
		substitution words.

	/speechsubst [file]
		Reload the substitution-word set. The optional
		parameter file points to
		.xchat/speech.subst by default.

	/speech {+-mqc...} source1 source2 ... sourceN
		The most powerful command. The syntax is much like
		/mode. Try it out, it will print out
		self-explaining messages.


	Go to sourceforge and download


	Download  the   to  your  .xchat-directory  which
	resides   in  your   $HOME (~).    You  may  also   want  to
	create a substitutions-file which is a plain file looking as
	described in section EXAMPLES.

	/load .xchat/
		(if xchat is launched from your $HOME)


	/speech +m #spaceboyz
		Speak all messages (only actions and messages).

	/speech +q-mc+cm #perl h4xx0r #bad #scripts fri3nd
		Speak out quits/nickchanges from #perl
		Don't speak messages from h4xx0r
		Don't speak joins/parts from #bad
		Speak joins/parts from #scripts
		Speak messages from fri3nd

	speech.subst file
		ut =ju ti


	If time allows I surely will extend this script and update
	this page often. :-)

	Future plans are:
		- more detailled /speech flags
		- automatic saving of all settings
		- integrating the say-script into xchat-speech
		- support multiple voices for different channels

	If you like to extend the script: please let me know!
	It's your thing: do whatever you want with it, but be kindly.


	The MBROLA project

	Txt2pho - German TTS front end for the MBROLA synthesizer

	A guide to install MBROLA and txt2pho, includes the


	Of course I'm on IRC:

	/join #spaceboyz
	/speech +mm AstroBoy #spaceboyz
	/msg AstroBoy xchat-speech rockt das Haus! :-)


				     dedicated to my astrogirl/maria		xchat-speech			xchat script